Advertising Terms

World of Art & Antiques ( WAA ) agrees to provide advertising space and promotional services on the World Wide Web of the Internet to the contracting party ( Customer ) as:
Home page and Web address / if you do not have your own .
E-mail forwarding.
Complete representation in our on-line databases.

As the Customer's representative, WAA is acting as an independent contractor. This agreement is not an employment agreement, nor does it constitute a joint venture between the Customer and WAA.

Customer understand that WAA will act as his/her representative until this agreement terminates. For any and all materials which I ( we ) submit to WAA, I ( we ) give WAA complete and full permission to include, copy, display, reproduce, transmit, distribute, and/or use these materials for the purpose of making these materials available on the Internet. I understand that service is monthly and is automatically renewed each month until canceled in writing by either party with a minimum of 60 days notice. Conciliation will be effective at the end of the then current billing period. This agreement shall commence upon the date signing and shall continue in effect until it is terminated.

Customer certify and pledge that I am ( we are ) not engage in any exclusive agreement(s) with any person(s) or entities, which would prevent me ( us ) from entering into a contract with WAA. Likewise, while under contract with WAA, I ( we ) guarantee I
( we ) will not enter into any exclusive agreement(s) with any person(s) or entities until I
( we ) receive a written release from WAA. Furthermore, I ( we ) understand that this agreement with WAA allows me ( us ) to enter into other nonexclusive standard agreements for additional representation.

Customer understand that WAA does not guarantee any sale(s). Likewise, I ( we ) give WAA full and complete permission to provide our contact information to all prospective buyers.
I ( we ) understand and agree that WAA will retain all materials I ( we ) have submitted, including but not limited to photographic and written materials. After termination of this agreement, WAA will return my materials to me only upon my written request, by way of prepaid service only at my expense.

Customer warrants that it holds the rights to all materials furnishing to WAA and agrees to hold harmless WAA, its agents and assigns from all liabilities arising from the publication, use or disposition of such copyrighted or copyrightable material. Customer assumes total responsibility and liability for the content and legality of all materials furnished and published on his/her behalf by WAA.
Customer agree to indemnify WAA against, and hold it harmless from, any and all damages, losses and/or expenses, incurred in any and all legal or equitable actions against WAA resulting from any breach of my representations or warranties under this agreement.

This agreement contains the full and complete understanding between the parties.

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