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Hugo Alberto CASTILLO

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Castillo,Hugo-01 #01 Mermaid, 1999
120x100cm, mixed media/canvas
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About artist

Hugo was born in the summer of 69 in Mexico City, now he resides in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
He graduated as a graphic designer with a mayor in computer graphics. Later Hugo studied art in different prestigious cultural centers such as Casa Lamm, Centro Cultural de Arte Contemporáneo A.C. as well as Unicornio Taller de Imaginación. Hugo´s love and need to express himself and his freedom prompt him to leave his work as graphic designer and illustrator and become a full-time painter. Hugo responds "I do not like time limits and measurments, I like to paint whatever I like no matter how long it takes to finish it" Hugo escaped the demands of the world and now he paints for himself. Hugo´s work reflects his unique and primitive vision of the world. His work, reach into the world of expressionism and the abstract.


Seduction, 1999 
100x80cm, oil/canvas 

Castillo,Hugo-02 #02 Roots, 1998
100x80cm, mixed media/wood
mounted on wood with metal

#03 Sadness in Central Park, 1999 
90x70cm, oil/canvas 



#04 The Warrior, 1999
51''x19'', mixed media/canvas

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