Agostino Antiques, NY, NY
Andwells Antiques, Hartley Wintney, Basingstoke, UK
Antiques Avenue, Pulborough, West Sussex, UK
Anthony James & Sons Ltd., London, UK
Arthur Smith Antiques, Savannah, GA
Barnet Cattanach Antiques, London, UK
Brian Rolleston (Antiques) Ltd,. London, UK
Brookline Village Antiques, Boston, MA
Caledonian Inc, Northfield, IL
Challiss House, San Francisco, CA
Chris Jussel, NY, NY
Cleon Chase Antiques & Accessories, Birmingham, MI
Clinton Howell, NY, NY
Church Gallery, London, UK
Dana E. Tillou, Buffalo, NY
Daniel Stein Antiques, San Francisco, CA
Denzil Grant, London, UK
Dillingham, San Francisco, CA
Dunville’s L’Antiquaire, Palm Beach, FL
Earle D. Vandekar of Knightbridge, NY, NY
East & Orient Co., Dallas, TX
Eddy Bardawil, London, UK
Edward Minieka, Chicago, IL
English Heritage Antiques, New Canaan, CT
Englishman Fine Art and European Antique Furniture, Vail, CO
Federation Antiques, Cincinnati, OH
French & Co., NY, NY
Garrick C. Stephenson, NY, NY
Geoffrey Diner, Washington, DC
Georgia Antiques, Pulborough, West Sussex, UK
Gerald Murphy Antiques, Ltd., Woodbury, CT
Godson & Coles, London, UK
Huntington Antiques Ltd, Stow on the Wold, UK
Hyde Park Antiques, NY, NY
Jack Partridge, Ltd., Edgecomb, ME
James II Galeries, NY, NY
Jesse Caldwell Leatherwood Antiques, East Sandwich, MA
Jules L. Pass Antiques, St. Louis, MO
Kentshire Galleries, NY, NY
Lewis and Lloyd, London, UK
Livingston’s Antiques, Charleston, SC
Loyd-Paxton, Dallas, TX
Luciano Antiques, Carmel, CA
M. Turpin, London, UK
Mac Humble Antiques, Bradford on Avon, Wilts., UK
Malcolm Franklin, Chicago, IL, New York, NY
Manderley Antiques, Greenwich, CT
Manor Antiques, New Canaan, CT
Mark Evers Antiques & Fine Art, Pittsburgh, PA
Martin Chasin Fine Arts, Fairfield, CT
Mill House Antiques, Woodbury, CT
Moir Galleries, Gates Mills, OH
Newel Art Galleries, NY, NY
Patrician Antiques, Los Altos, CA
Paul & Susan Kleinwald, Great Barrington, MA
Peter & Jean Richards Fine Antiques, Damariscotta, ME
Phillip Colleck, NY, NY
Pimlico Antiques, Chicago, IL
Price Glover, NY, NY
Reindeer Antiques, London, UK
Richard Gould Antiques, Los Angeles, CA
Richard Himmel Antique & Decorative Furniture, Dania, FL, Chicago, IL
Richard Norton, Chicago, IL
Robert J. Riesberg Gallery of Fine Art, St. Paul, MN
Roger England Antiques, Durban, South Africa
Ronald Phillips Ltd., London, UK
Ronnie M. Barokh, Los Angeles, CA
Serge Matt Antiques, San Francisco, CA
Shaker Square Antiques/ Fred & Mary Bentoff, Cleveland, OH
Studio Antiques & Fine Art, Alexandria, VA
Studio Five Design, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Susan Silver Antiques, Sheffield, MA
Susquehanna Antique Co., Washington, DC
Tomlinson Furniture Group, Tockwith, North Yorkshire, UK
Turbulence, NY, NY
Victor Mahy Antiques, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK
Wakefield-Scearce Galleries, Shelbyville, KY
Walker/Poinsett Antiques, Seattle, WA
Yale R. Burge Antiques, NY, NY
Zee Faulkner Antiques, Lexington, KY

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