Aaron’s Oriental Rug Gallery, Fort Wayne, IN
Alex Gallery, Washington, DC
Antique Textile Gallery, The, NY, NY
Anthony Foster Gallery, West Hollywood, CA
Belle Arte Gallery, West Hollywood, CA
Beshar’s, NY, NY
Bulgarian Tapestries (Gruup Co.), Sofia, Bulgaria
Caravanserai Ltd., Dallas, TX
Claremont Rug Co., Oakland, CA
Cora Ginsburg Inc., NY, NY
Crossroads Trade, Arlington, MA
D.B. Stock, Wellesley, MA
Deborah Christian Designs, Millbrook, NY
Dennis R. Dodds/ Maqam, Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY
Diane Genre, Oriental Art & Antiques, New Orleans, LA
Doris Leslie Blau, NY, NY
Douglas Dawson Gallery, Chicago, IL
Elliott & Grace Snyder, South Egremont, MA
Falasiri Oriental Rugs, Zero Beach, FL, Melbourne, FL
Fil Caravan, Inc., New York, NY
Gail Martin Gallery, NY, NY
Hayko Restoration & Concervation, NY, NY
John Eskenazi Ltd, London, UK
Katy Kane, Inc., New Hope, PA
Lindfield Galleries, Lindfield, West Sussex, UK
Lotus Collection, Mill Valley, CA
Marry Walk Antiques, Baltimore, MD
Merrin Gallery, NY, NY
Michail di David Sorgato, Milan, ITA
Museum for Textiles, Toronto, CAN

Persian Rugs and More - Joseph Large, Bedford, VA
Peter Pap Oriental Rugs, Dublin, NH, San Francisco, CA
Peter Roberts Antiques, NY, NY
Peyton Wright, Santa Fe, NM
Pie Galinat/Quilt Restoration, Ponce Inlet, FL
Quilt Restoration Society, Hillsdale, NY
Richard Meyer Gallery, NY, NY
Robert Four Galerie, Paris, France
Sheelin Antiques & Irish Lace Museum, Enniskillen, UK
Stephen & Carol Huber, East Lyme, CT
Textile Arts/ Mary Hunt Kahlenberg, Santa Fe, NM
Tierra Wools, Los Ojos, NM
Tulip Tree Collection ,The, Greenwich, CT
Vojtech Blau Inc. , NY, NY
Weiss Antiques Gallery, Birmingham, MI
William Siegal /Textile Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Y. & B. Bolour, NY, NY, Los Angeles, CA

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