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#1 Still-life
22x27cm, oil/canvas

#2 Veliko Tarnovo
46x33cm, oil/canvas




#3 Kmetovtz
46x33cm, oil/canvas

#4 Mirke
46x33cm, oil/canvas




#6 Flowers
46x46cm, oil/canvas

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Marchell Petrov Yameliev
born 1963
He graduated the special art's school mastering wood-carvingin 1982. After that he became a student in Veliko Tarnovo University with a subject of Art of paintings graduating in 1988. Usually he works in the field of small size paintings and prefers landscapes, still-lifes, abstract, figurative compositions and wood-carvings with motives from Bulgarian folklore.

As a professional artist he participates in domestic Exhibitions, as well as European and American art galleries:
-1989 Annual Exhibition , Veliko Tarnovo;
-1990 Nessebar , Old Nessebar Gallery;
-1991 Annual Exhibition , Veliko Tarnovo;
-1991 Summer fair "Albena";
-1992 USA -Florida "The Collector's Exchange";
-1992 Annual Exhibition ,Veliko Tarnovo;
-1993 Germany- Wittenberg-"Kreisvolkshochschule"
-1994 Annual Exhibition, Veliko Tarnovo;
-1995 Balchick ,"Central" Gallery;
-1995 Permanent Exhibition-"Loviko"-Suhindoll;
-1996 Veliko Tarnovo,"Cry-Cry" Gallery;
-1997 Summer fair "Albena";
-1998 Varna , "Capricorn" Gallery;
-1999 Permanent Exhibition-"Loviko"-Suhindoll.
He has sold pictures and wood-carvings to private collections in Norway, Sweden, Swiss, France, Portugal, Great Britain.

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Marchell Yameliev, 2000
Gary Slavin Enterprises, 2000