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Jacqueline YAMELIEVA

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  #1 Folklore Composition
  41x27cm, oil/canvas


#2 Feary 
60x40cm, oil/canvas 


#3 Nessebwr prez zimata
46x38cm, oil/canvas



#4 Arbanassy
46x38cm, oil/canvas



#5 Botanic Garden in Balchick
60x40cm, oil/canvas



Copy of Yamelieva06.jpg (9309 bytes)

  #6 Sunny Girl
  46x33cm, oil/canvas


#7 Old Town by the Sea 
55x46cm, oil/canvas 

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Jacqueline Kirilova Yamelieva
born 1965
She graduated the Interior architecture and design in the Art school in 1984. After that she became a student in Veliko Tarnovo University with a subject of Art of paintings graduating in 1988. Usually she works in the field of small size paintings and prefers landscapes, still-lifes and figurative compositions with motives from Bulgarian folklore.
As a professional artists she participates in domestic exhibitions, as well as in European and American galleries:
-1989 Annual Exhibition , V. Tarnovo;
-1990 Annual Exhibition , V. Tarnovo;
-1991 The Collector's Exchange Gallery-USA-Florida;
-1992 Annual Exhibition , V. Tarnovo;
-1993 Germany-Wittenberg-Kreisvolkshochschule;
-1994 The Courage center gallery- USA;
-1995 Permanent Exhibition "Loviko"- Suchindoll;
-1995 Balchick "Central" Gallery;
-1996"Cry-Cry" Gallery ,V. Tarnovo;
-1997 Summer Fear "Albena";
-1998 Caprycorn, Gallery, Varna;
-1999 National young artists Exhibition- V. Tarnovo.
Her paintings are in private collection in Sweden, Norway, Swiss, USA, Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, France.

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Jacqueline Yamelieva, 2000
Gary Slavin Enterprises, 2000